I’ve run a number of events for the game development community in partnership with several organizations. Here are a few!

Different Games

Different Games Conference 2016


Brooklyn Gamery

Game Devs of Color Expo: Daylong event highlighting the creations of developers of color and their games.

Brain Jam: Game Jam about Mental Health

Race in Games Roundtable: Discussion on race in gaming from the perspective of gamers and game creators

Multijam Ultra 2015: Arcade Edition: Game Jam where all games are multiplayer

Super Love Jam: Game Jam about Gender, Sexual Identity & Relationships

Big Bad Mamma Jamma: a Game Jam about Motherhood



IGDA NYC Games & Digital Media Career Fair & Mixer

Strategy Guide: Breaking Into the Game Industry

IGDA NYC Game Audio Roundtable

IGDA NYC + WIGI NYC Women in Games Roundtable

IGDA NYC + PlayWell Mentorship Roundtable

IGDA NYC “Making It in New York” Roundtable